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Klip2save is a unique coupon clipping service in that we have no minimums, no fees, and we offer flat-rate shipping. We also scan every coupon we carry so purchasers always know exactly what they're getting.


We make being an affiliate easy. In addition to providing you with all the customary banners and text ads for you to include in your blog or web site, we also provide listings of the new coupons that we add to We email these listings as soon as they're available and you can use them in a Wordpress blog post or as a regular web page. Our overall goal is to make it easy for you to work with us and we accomplish that by doing a lot of the work for you!


As an affiliate, you'll have access to your own personal admin panel. From there you'll be able to view your current earnings, run reports, or manage the various aspects of your account. Additionally, you'll receive an email when individual sales are made to those that you refer. You'll always know where you stand and we're held accountable because our affiliate program doesn't operate within a black-box.


How Does It Work?

Using our affiliate program could not be easier.

  • Promote with banners, blog posts, etc.
  • Spread the word on social network sites like Facebook.
  • Earn a 5% commission for all sales originating from you.
  • Access a control panel to see your results.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What percentage do you pay?

    We pay you 5% of all sales that originate from you.

  2. When do you pay?

    We pay on the 15th of each month if the amount exceeds $20.00.  The method of payment (check or PayPal) depends on what you selected when you signed up. If the amount owed is less than that and if you really need the money, contact us and we'll work out something to accomodate you.

  3. How do you pay?

    We pay by either check or Paypal.  You can choose which from your profile page.

  4. Where can I advertise Klip2save?

    Using the banners, you can advertise in your website's header, footer, sidebar, or anywhere else that can accomodate a graphic. Using the text links, you can advertise it anywhere it's allowed like in one of your blog posts, in a message forum, an email, etc. - it's just an ordinary link.

  5. Can I use my affiliate link to make personal purchases from Klip2save?

    Sure. Go for it!

  6. I need a banner that's a specific size. Will you make it for me?

    Sure! Just tell us what size you need and we'll do it ASAP.